Crocband Kids Lego Magenta

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Pink Crocs shoe with Lego design on the sides.
Room for Jibbitz/shoe accsesorize.

Made of "Croslite" material for signature Crocs light and comfort.

Please find size and appromixate dimensions of the shoes insole in the scale below:
C4/5 = ca 12,5 cm
C6/7 = ca 14 cm
C8/9 = ca 15 cm
C10/11 = ca 17,5 cm
C12/13 = ca 19 cm
M1 = ca 20 cm 

Crocs Care instructions (* regards ”Croslite” materials only):  

- Clean your Crocs with a soft sponge and lukewarm water (max. 30 degrees). 
- Machine wash is NOT recommended. 
- Use ”Crocs Butter” to polish your shoes after washing. 
- Keep your Crocs in room temperature, avoid keeping them in warm spaces and directly sunlight. 
- Only use care agents intendent for leather, suede leather and nubuck. -       Disinfect with chlorine contented washing  products and water in a 1:10 proportion.
- The button that keeps the back strap in place, can fall off if you get stucked in anything. Contact your closest Crocs reseller for a new button. 
- Shoes will be worn out when using, it’s important to keep an eye on the sole every now and then: a worn sole can be slippery. 

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