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Take inspiration from the fresh looks of Scandi styling with these decor ideas for your child’s playroom. These designs are simple, beautiful and oh-so functional too!

Giving your child’s bedroom or playroom a makeover doesn’t have to be a major project: just a few simple, well considered pieces can help to give the space a refresh in no time, perfect for the new year stretching ahead of us!

You’ll want a few functional items in there of course, like handy storage and perhaps a desk / chair and table if your child has started doing homework. And if you’re focusing on rebooting your child’s bedroom, cute and practical bedding is something of a must-have too.

We’ve got a few ideas to get your child’s room looking Scandi-style beautiful - minimal, functional yet stunning on the eye. Take a look and be inspired…


A new set of bed covers or quilts in your child’s bedroom can do wonders to give it a whole new feel. Go for understated, muted tones for a calming experience.

And to keep little feet warm through the colder months, as well as to add a splash of style and subtle color to wooden floors, a rug is the perfect option. If you’re not sure where to place it - we recommend by the bed so tiny toes will feel cozy when they get out of bed - or in the center of the room, especially if it’s a round or unusually-shaped piece.

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Keeping a space tidy usually means having a few handy storage areas for clothes, toys and all those things that come with a little one! A good sturdy toy box can be a real keepsake - great for stashing lots of items, but also a piece you’ll keep for years and years.

If you have a smaller space, there are still plenty of more flexible storage options, from lightweight baskets to retro-style cases - all perfect for hiding things away as well as styling up a room.

Lamps and low lights can add some mellow ambience to a child’s bedroom or playroom. If your child is at the stage where you’re trying to get them to stay in bed until a certain time in the morning, there are night light options which also include a sleep training clock and alarm to help your little one know when it’s time to get up (and hopefully not before!).

As well as character lamps you can also go for more “grown up” looking lamps for older kids which will last them as they get older. Take your pick!

We’ve already said that you don’t need to buy lots of new furniture for your child’s bedroom or playroom to give it a new-season feel. But if you think now is the right time to invest in some bigger pieces, we’ve got some great options!

Perhaps you’re looking to invest in a new bed. In which case our tipi option adds a cool "camping indoors" vibe!

"When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand; a sock can be a puppet; a small child can be a superhero." Fred Rogers, American television host

If you’re looking for more storage space than some of our earlier suggestions offer, you may decide to go for a wardrobe. They don’t need to be big and bulky and take up too much space - there are some great slimline options that will fit neatly into a corner.

Or maybe your little one’s at the point where they’re starting to do homework, or enjoying artwork/writing in their room - in which case a sweet desk is a great idea for an at-home office for your mini writer/artist!

And if you want to add a more informal seating touch to the room, why not go for a mini armchair or sofa, a bean bag for extra chilled vibes or even an indoor tipi as a hideaway heaven!


A few simple accessories can do wonders to change up a room in no time, and you can go for purely decorative pieces, or throw in some function too!

Wall hooks are great for hanging little coats and bath robes, framed prints add a touch of character and cushions and throws can add a personal and cozy touch - plus you can change them up easily enough for a refresh as the years go on!

And finally…

Don’t feel you need to change up everything in your child’s room all at once - unless you want to! Just a few new pieces can give the room a different vibe, and you can add them one, or a few, at a time.

Think also about items that will stand the test of time as your child grows older and wants to feel a little more “grown up”: classic pieces that won’t go out of style and that they’ll love for years and years to come!

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