Payment methods

Credit card
At you can pay with VISA, MasterCard, Eurocard or PayPal. There are no additional charges when paying with these payments methods.


DIBS protects your information
DIBS is a company that handles online verification of credit cards in a safe, quick and easy way. When you enter your card details the credit card number is encrypted directly. The communication to the DIBS server goes through an encrypted direct connection (https). Once your information is sent to the bank, the bank's own security system is used.

In other words, the two following connections are protected:

1. Communication between the end consumer and DIBS
2. Communication between DIBS and the bank

For communication between end user and DIBS, an SSL encryption is used. DIBS uses the strongest encryption available on the market. It means that you can be sure that you are connected to the DIBS server and that no other than DIBS can see your information.

In communication with the banks, DIBS uses the same security as them, which guarantees the highest safety. DIBS also fullfills the requirements of the market's leading security standard PCI DSS.


Easy and secure paymenths through or partner PayPal. No additional fee.


Customers outside EU
Our customers from countries that are not members of the EU may have to pay an extra tax and/or fee depending on the order’s value and weight.


Shipping cost
Additional fee for shipping will be added to your order. The amount depends on where you live:

Within the Nordic countries: 4-5 Euro
Rest of the European Union: 6 Euro
Russia: 9 Euro
Outside the European Union: 16 Euro (Australia: 29 Euro)