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Babyshop protects your personal privacy and takes measures to ensure that your personal data is protected when using our services. Below is our policy regarding integrity ("Integrity Policy") that determines how Babyshop Sthlm Holding AB, CIN 556699-1542, BOX 29098, 100 52 Stockholm, Sweden, mydata@babyshop.com ("Babyshop/we") is using, processing and protects your personal data. The Integrity Policy is applicable when Babyshop is providing services and products related to purchase, service matters and other contact with Babyshop.

Parts of the Integrity Policy also applies to the processing of personal data for persons who consents to customized marketing services ("Subscriber").


Babyshop is the data controller and has the following contact information:

Via mail: Babyshop Sthlm Holding AB BOX 29098 100 52 Stockholm Sweden Phone: +46 (10) 7502423 Email: mydata@babyshop.com

Babyshop intends to process all personal data in a legal, open and fair manner in accordance with applicable law (including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016).


As a customer at Babyshop, we process your personal data when you make a purchase on Babyshop’s website, use Babyshop’s support, visit Babyshop’s website or otherwise contact Babyshop. The purposes of Babyshop’s processing of personal data are specified in section 5.

As a Subscriber at Babyshop we process personal data about you. All personal data is specified in section 4.

Babyshop also collects and updates address information through third party services, such as Klarna, for address updates.



Administration of customer profile

Legal basis

Legitimate interest. The processing is necessary to satisfy your and Babyshop's legitimate interest in managing your customer profile and facilitating you to use your rights to modify, delete, limit your stored personal data and data portability.

Types of personal data

Name Social security number or national ID Address Email Phone Payment history Payment details Purchase history Purchase information Username and password Settings regarding your profile and your personal choices

Type of processing

Enable login Ensure identity Allow you to change, delete and restrict the storage of personal data Ensure correct and updated personal data Offer access to purchase and payment history Managing your customer choices

Automated decision-making


Storage period

36 months from collection

When Babyshop processes personal data based on a balance of interest, we have assessed that our interest in processing personal data outweighs the privacy violation that the processing may imply, partly because the processing is limited and that the data subject can contact Babyshop and at any time have its data deleted. Babyshop never processes sensitive personal data based on a balance of interest and does not perform automated decision making without your consent.

When Babyshop processes personal information with the consent of you, your consent must be voluntary, specific, informed and imply unambiguous consent to be considered as legal basis. If you have given your consent to Babyshop, you are entitled to withdraw it at any time.


For Subscribers, Babyshop may process personal data through profiling. Such profiling is done with your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time.

Profiling means that we analyse information about how you use our website, what products, services and offers you have shown interest in, information about your purchases, which of our newsletters you have interacted with, if you have signed up for any of our events and information about your account. We do this to provide you with offers we think is suitable for you and to invite you to events we think you are interested in.

You are entitled to object to such profiling at any time. Any objection may be emailed to mydata@babyshop.com. Upon receiving your notification, Babyshop will stop processing your personal data for this purpose.


Babyshop may disclose personal data to other companies that are part of the same group as Babyshop, as well as to partners to fulfil our commitments and the purposes mentioned above. Our partners are: Panagora, Daniel Jernström, QlickView, Element Logic, PerfectIT, Unifaun, Posti, PostNord, UPS, Shipwallet, Hörby Bruk, Captech, Leggodt, Pragma, NSH Nordic, Zendesk, Xcally, Relation Desk, Netigate, PayPal, Nets/DIBS, Adyen, Trustly, Klarna, Customer Value, Rule, Preglife, Google, Forward3D, Lifeler, Nosto, TradeDoubler, Criteo, Facebook, Hojtar, Sitegainer, Disqus, Yandex, vk.com, Sogou, Baidu, Microsoft, Naver, Affiliate Window, CrazyEgg, Datafeedwatch, Wordpress, Relex, Redeal och Veinteractive.

Data forwarded to third parties is only used to provide the abovementioned services to you, such as freight forwarders in the field of delivery of goods, media agencies for distribution of marketing and credit reporting or debt collection agencies for credit reporting, identity checks and debt collection.

We never transfer your personal data for marketing purposes conducted by third parties outside the Babyshop Group and our partners. We will neither sell your personal data to third parties without your permission. Babyshop may disclose your personal data if it is necessary to comply with applicable laws or government requirements, to safeguard Babyshop's legal interests or to detect, prevent or notice fraud and other security or technical issues.

Babyshop always strives to store personal data within the EU/EEA. The data may be transferred and processed in a non-EU/EEA country (third country). Transfers made are made to the United States, for Google Analytics (analysis) and Zendesk (customer service). Any transfer is made in accordance with applicable legislation and persons subject to the transfer will be notified.


We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your data from loss, manipulation and unauthorized access. We are continuously adjusting our security measures in accordance with the progress and developments in the technical field. To make card purchases as secure as possible, all data is sent in an encrypted form. This means that the information is transmitted via a secure connection and that your personal data cannot be read by third parties. For card purchases, we collaborate with an authorized payment agent that helps us to instantly check with the bank that the card is valid for purchase. Our payment agent processes your card details in accordance with the international security standard PCI DSS developed by VISA, MasterCard, Diners, American Express and JCB card companies. This means that the security is very high when processing your card details. When you pay by card, we reserve the right to carry out an identity check.

Babyshop may allow third parties to use your personal data for marketing purposes upon request by us to promote our products and services, but we will never allow a third party to use your personal information to conduct their own marketing towards you.


Babyshop will, at your request or on its own initiative, rectify, delete, disassociate or supplement your personal data if the data is found to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

As a data subject, you have the right to request:

  1. Access to your personal data. You have the right to have a filing extract or a copy of all personal data Babyshop is processing about you. This right can be used at any time through a written and signed request.

  2. Rectification of your personal data. You have the right to request that Babyshop will correct incorrect or incomplete processed personal data without unnecessary delay.

  3. Deletion of your personal data. You are entitled to request that your personal data is deleted if the storage of data no longer is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. If there is a statutory requirement to store your personal data or if there are other legitimate reasons why Babyshop must store your data, such as unpaid debts, your personal data cannot be erased. We will end all processing of personal data for other purposes than complying with the legislation.

  4. Restriction of processing. You are entitled to request that your personal data be processed for certain restricted purposes. For example, you may request a restriction when you believe your information is incorrect and you have requested a correction according to the above. While the accuracy of the data is being investigated, its processing will be restricted.

If your personal data is stored at Babyshop, you have the right to data portability. That means the right to, under certain conditions, extract and transfer some of your personal data in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format to another personal data controller.

If Babyshop is processing personal data based on a balance of interest, you have the right to object to such processing. In the case of opposition, Babyshop will continue the processing only if there are more compelling interests to do so.

You may at any time object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing. Babyshop does not process your personal data for direct marketing purposes if you oppose to such processing. Once we have received your objection, we will cease to process your personal data for such marketing purposes. Any objection is sent to mydata@babyshop.com. If you have consented to Babyshop storing and using your personal data for marketing purposes, you may revoke such consent at any time. Such recall may be limited to only part of the processing, such as direct marketing. Any recall is sent to mydata@babyshop.com.

As a data subject, you own the right to file any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.


Our website uses cookies and other tracking techniques to enhance your online experience. You will find more information about this in our cookie policy. Babyshop uses, among other things, Google's advertising services. You can read more about Google's collection, sharing, and use of data here.


Babyshop reserves the right to make changes to this Integrity Policy at any time. If the Integrity Policy materially changes, then Babyshop will, with reasonable notice, communicate this on its website and/or through email to you.


We are protecting our customers' personal data! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we process your personal data, this privacy policy or if you wish to request a filing extract.

Our contact information:

Babyshop Sthlm Holding AB BOX 29098 100 52 Stockholm Sweden Phone: +46 (10) 7502423 Email: mydata@babyshop.com Business register: Bolagsverket CIN: 556699-1542

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