Hopper Rouge

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The Hopper is a super soft and durable 100% cotton sleeping bag, in which your child can sleep comfortably and safely. Because of the close fitting for neck and armholes and a soft elastic around the waist, it has an optimal fit which prevents your baby from slipping down.

With the uniquely designed 3-way zipper, it can be used with all car seat safety belts and the bag can be fully opened for easy changing as well.

Lodger Hopper comes in different colours and 3 different sizes.

Why are there three closers on the zipper of the Hopper?
With the three-way zipper you can create openings for use in the car seat or create an opening for easily changing your baby's nappy.

How do I use the Hopper in a car seat?
By not closing the lower zipper all the way, an opening is created at the bottom which you can enter the safety belt through. A second opening can be created on the top, by leaving space free between the other two zippers.

How do I wash my Hopper?
• Before washing the product for the first time, please soak in cold water for at least one hour to avoid shrinkage. When the fibres are fully soaked with water you can wash the product normally in the washing machine at 40ºC.
• To get the cotton products soft and fluffy again tumble dry on low heat.
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