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Welcome to Mini Rodini’s world of magical prints...

The iconic hand drawn prints of Mini Rodini is a universe of colorful motifs and one of the success factors for the Swedish brand.

Since the founding days of Mini Rodini in 2006 the brand has excelled on many fronts. Quality and sustainability have always been a central part of the brand throughout their journey - although the visual expression has been the main reason why the brand stands out in the crowd.

Creative Director and founder Cassandra's design and unique illustrations are inspired by nature and art but also pop culture.

From iconic prints such as Panda and Leopard to this season’s new western horses, Mini Rodini continues to create pieces that children love to wear. This season the story is inspired by American road movies from the 1980s and 1990s like "TrueRomance" and "Thelma And Louise".

The collection for AW22 starts in Arizona and ends up in New York. Every step along the journey is mirrored in the pieces such as western and ranch inspired motives to regular Central Park sightings such as swans and roses.

With an abundance of iconic prints to choose from, Mini Rodini is looking to create clothes for kids with style and attitude and that, thanks to the fantastic quality, can be inherited from one generation to another.

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