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Getting your baby’s nursery ready is such an exciting time! We’ve got styling ideas and sleep essentials including cribs and sleeping bags, changing mats and tables, mobiles and more to make sure your home is ready for its newest arrival.

While, for the first few months, your baby will sleep in the same room as you, once they get bigger - and if you have the space - you’ll probably want to reclaim your sleeping area and create a bedroom just for your little one.

There are a few necessities for your baby’s room of course - including somewhere for your infant to sleep - as well as some items it’s just really helpful to have in place there, such as a laundry basket for those numerous outfit changes, a changing table and plenty of storage for the many, many things that we know come with the arrival of a baby!

It’s also nice to add some decorative touches to your baby’s new room, too - and the styling can definitely be the fun part! Take a look at our rundown of things to consider when getting your little one’s space all ready to go.


A good, sturdy crib can help to create a safe environment for your baby to sleep in, and many can be adjusted to be used well up until your child is a toddler and beyond.

And you can find models with other features, too - from those you can rock, to ones that come in a variety of colors rather than the classic white or natural wood, and those you can also attach to your own bed.

Do check before you buy whether the mattress comes with it - often you’ll need to purchase this separately, so be sure to know the measurements, or buy the appropriate size from the same brand to ensure a correct fit.

“Kiss your children goodnight, even if they are already asleep.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr, author

Remember to keep your baby’s cot as clear as possible until they’re at least 12 months old - avoid putting in cuddly toys, blankets and quilts, and instead use a baby sleeping bag which will keep them cozy with no extra covers required.


Nappy changing is a big part of being a new parent, so it’s important to have a place where you can do it comfortably for both you and baby.

Changing tables are a great option as they often have storage space too where you can put spare nappies, wet wipes and cream as well as baby grows if your little one needs a change of outfit.

The fact they're off the ground also saves you having to bend/kneel down if you use only a changing mat on the floor, meaning they're kinder to your back.

A changing table will usually have a flat surface with sides that you slot a separate changing mat/pad into, so the actual surface where you change your baby is portable, should you need to move it into your living room or another part of your home.

If you’re really short on space, there are options that attach to the wall. Just be sure to follow the instructions on assembling it carefully.

And just with buying a crib and a mattress, check your measurements to ensure the changing mat you’re planning to buy fits onto the table with no issues.


If you’re keen to have a few areas to store away those baby essentials and ALL those cuddy toys you probably have as well a baby clothes, muslins and more, the great news is, there are some lovely and unusual storage solutions that fit really well into a baby’s room, aside from the regular wooden drawers!

Think soft baskets and even cool suitcases for a nostalgic vibe.

You might also want to think about having a laundry basket handy too for the numerous outfit changes babies tend to have! Go for something light and portable if you’ll be carrying it into another room or, for something fun, there are some sweetly shaped raffia baskets to add a touch of personality to your little one’s room!

And don’t forget to use the walls! Putting a few shelves up here and there can provide some much-needed space for smaller items, or even just sweet accessories to brighten up the room with.



Once you have the must-haves in place, it’s time to get creative! You might want to keep the room itself (ie walls, floor) in neutral colors, but a few fun pieces will help to add a little warmth and personality.

Go for fun wall hangings, bright cushions and cozy rugs for softness underfoot. You can also use functional items like night lights (great for minimal glow while baby’s falling asleep) and mobiles to add some brightness and texture, and even wallpaper or wall stickers just on one feature wall to add a little depth.

And for extra comfort for parents, it’s worth considering having a chair in your baby’s nursery if there’s a place for it, and a nursing pillow handy if you need it!




Above all, try to enjoy the experience of making a safe haven for your little one! And remember you don't need to do everything all at once - as long as you have the essentials in place, you can take time to get it how you want it and add to it little by little.

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