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Holiday Kids Room

The cosiest time of year is just around the corner. String lights, decorations, soft blankets and pajamas, anticipation and the excitement of wish lists abound. Maybe we even spot the occasional snowflake drifting down through the window. As the evenings draw in, we light candles and snuggle down to keep warm. And let's not forget the children’s room! Here we’ve picked out some goodies that make the little ones’ rooms that extra bit cosy..

One hundred percent cozy


Soft and cozy. When the cold and darkness gets a grip outside the window, it is extra important to fill your home with light and coziness. Do not forget the children's room. Our best tip is to think “more is more” when it comes to the coziness around Christmas. Decorate with light loops, pillows and soft blankets to get the right feeling. Why not take the opportunity to start a small knitting project or sew your own pillowcase from out-grown favorite garments. No previous knowledge required. Put on the christmas music and engage the whole family!