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How to Style the Kids’ Rooms

Decorating a child’s room is never easy – but we’ve got tips and ideas to make your tots’ rooms personal and cozy.

Five key things to keep in mind when you’re planning your kids’ very own cubbyhole. Storage, cozy corners, personality, fabrics, and sustainability.


Effective storage prevents any child’s room from descending into clutter. Go for large baskets to throw the day’s toys into every evening. Pretty and practical at the same time. Make sure everything has its place - at least in theory. One place for pens, another for Lego etc. This helps your little ones keep things tidy themselves.


Go for soft carpeting that’s kind to young knees and legs - so much play happens at floor-level, after all. A great tip is to buy a rug with a design that small stains and pen strokes pretty much blend in with. We’re strong believers in having lots of cushions in children’s rooms. Changing cushion covers is also a clever way to change the style of a room.


Who lives here? Do they like music or space? Painting or riding? Football or basketball? Or all of the above? An easy way to make a bedroom more personal is to decorate walls with details and posters that reveal a story about the occupant of the room.


Lighting is a great way to create a cosy feel in a bedroom. You should have proper lighting for reading and playing, but you can also invest in softer lighting, like a light loop for a cosy corner or on the wall above the bed. Let the light create some magic! Another way to really promote well-being is to create a small room in a room. Perhaps put up a piece of fabric around a desk to crawl under, or a small tent if you’ve got room. And don’t forget a torch, the best toy in the world! Who doesn’t love to snuggle down and hide away with a torch to read or share secrets.


Try to invest in furniture and good quality gadgets that last a long time and can be handed down or resold second-hand. If you do want to change the design of a room, keep things simple with the help of textiles and a little paint. Lots of furniture can also be extended and raised as a child grows. Leaving the world after us in as good a condition as possible is, after all, the greatest gift we can give our children.

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