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Indoor Play

It’s time to head indoors. Although nature can still be our breathing space, it may not be as inviting as when the weather is more clement. When the weather is really bad, it’s a lot cozier to just hang out at home, light candles, and snuggle down properly.

But what can we do inside? Don’t worry! There are plenty of games that don’t require a tablet or a smartphone. Here we present some simple challenges that result in giggling and stimulation of the grey matter!


“Squeeze and Feel Quiz”
You will need: Blindfolds, various objects, one or two friends.
What you do: Players take turns to wear the blindfold and try to identify the object they are holding just by feeling it and smelling it. Objects can be anything from a paper clip to something edible like a cucumber! This is a really fun game that usually makes people laugh a lot. The winner is the person who guesses the most items correctly.

“Bits and Pieces Memory”
You will need: A number of items from the home that are easy to get hold of.
What you do: Lay out ten small items on the table or floor and ask the child/children to look at them carefully. Then ask the children to close their eyes. Remove one of the items, ask the children to open their eyes and guess which one you removed. Fun and tricky!

“The Challenge”
You will need: Just you and a playful child.
What you do: Small children love challenges! This game is simple but extremely fun. Give your child a number of tasks and challenges, like: “Can you touch your toes?”, or: “Can you spin around and name five animals at the same time?” Sit back and enjoy - a lot! Ask the child to challenge you too.



“The Taste Quiz”
You will need: Different types or brands of drinks in similar colors, appearances and flavours, or fruit, or sweets that are similar to each other. A blindfold. At least 2 people.
What you do: Pour all the different drinks, sweets, or fruit and get the person wearing the blindfold to guess what brand or what type it is. For example, buy several different kinds of apples, slice them into pieces and let the person with the help of the sense of taste say whether it is a green or red apple.

“Indoor Bowling”
You will need: Empty cans or plastic bottles that you plan to recycle. Colourful paper, scissors, pencils, tape or glue, a ball.
What you do: Tape or glue on paper around a number of cans or plastic bottles and maybe draw something to create your very own great-looking bowling pins. Then just get going. Set up your bowling alley and get everyone involved - fun for the whole family!

“Craft Bonanza!”
You will need: Paper, pens, tape, glue, toilet paper, scissors, and everything you can find that you can make things with.
What you do: Decide together on a subject or person to be the subject of today’s crafting and then start crafting things related to it. When everyone is ready, you have to guess what the objects people make are and why they are related to the subject. Get ready for some fascinating discussions!

“How big is it?”
You will need: Some everyday objects from the home, a bag, a pencil and a piece of paper per participant.
What you do: Find some everyday objects that are usually about the same size, (for example, a fork, a spoon, a key, a candle, a tube of toothpaste), and put them in a bag. Ask participants to draw the things you have collected without looking at the objects. Compare the drawings and objects to see which drawing comes closest to the “right size”. The person who draws the most right-sized drawings wins.