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Kuling and Garbo&Friends in Blossoming Collaboration

The two Swedish-founded brands Kuling and Garbo&Friends have joined forces to present a kids’ collection of outerwear and swimwear for the SS21 season. The result? A perfect harmony of florals and function.

The collection consists of 22 pieces split up in two drops, all in one or two original patterns. Buttercup and Pear, drawn by the Garbo&Friends founder Susann Karlsson Nemirovsky. Below Susann shares a memory from her childhood, which sparked the creative process of drawing these patterns.

Carefree days as a child - a time that I love to think back to where inspiration was easy to come by. Here is a little childhood story of mine, a cherished memory that inspired me to draw these two particular motifs to create the collaboration between Garbo&Friends, providing the poetic and dreamy, and Kuling, providing the active and functional. Essentially, this collection marries two worlds that belong together and, I believe, cannot exist without each other. Garbo&Friends and I are very proud to be part of this collaboration.

Once upon a time… When I was about six years old, I believe, my sister and I, in protest that our parents refused to give us a pony, decided that two of our farm calves would make perfect substitutes. We brushed, pampered and spoiled them in an attempt to tame them since we, of course, wanted to ride them. Unfortunately, they were not as enthusiastic about this as we were and more often than not, our attempts of being cowgirls ended with us on the ground in tears while the two little buggers ran straight over to our poor grandmother’s vegetable garden, munching up anything in their paths. We accepted defeat and after being influenced by “Rasmus på luffen” and “Little House on the Prairie”, we decided to regroup. Hiking - this was the new thing to do with our somewhat reluctant furry friends.

We planned meticulously, drawing maps, picking the best resting spots and so on and so forth. Let's not forget our ingenious “cow-backpacks” that we invented so that we could attach to the backs of our calves jute bags filled with items we deemed necessary for our “long” journey: oats, water, fruit and molasses.

In our front yard there was a large pear tree that had pears just as sour as the tree was stunning. Now, as an adult, I realize that may have been because we never waited long enough for the pears to properly ripen. But according to my grandmother: “These pears are made for conservation and not for eating straight off the tree!”. The calves were not so picky though, they loved those hard little pears, so we raided the tree in preparation for our ”luffen” - a Swedish word for children’s adventurous hiking.

All set and off we went. It was late summer, before the start of school, but I feel like I remember that the air was saturated with excitement and wonders. We stopped often to pick berries, watch ants build their stacks, dip our feet in a small creek, though not forgetting to feed and hydrate our furry companions. As the hike went on, the cow-backpacks turned empty and we started collecting things in them that we thought were pretty instead - smooth rocks, funny looking sticks and above all, lots and lots of flowers.

My favorites were (and still are) yellow flowers, buttercup being the main flower I picked at the time since it was late summer. But we also picked bluebells, yarrows, daffodils and tall grass, anything we thought was pretty went into the cow-backpack and as decoration to the halter of the calves.

I don’t remember how long it took, but when we came back home to the farm, we were as exhausted as our parents were worried. It took a long time to walk anywhere with short legs and a curiosity to discover all that the world has to offer, and this was before the time of internet and cellphones.

Our mother banned us for venturing so far away, which was understandable since we were not allowed to do so, but had a hard time staying angry thanks to the two very dainty, florally decorated calves carrying our treasures that we were so eager to show and that seemed to be very content and not have a worry in the world.

This adventure is my most wonderful memory and that is why I wanted to add these two specific illustrations to a collaboration, representing all my sentimental poetry that has become a signature of Garbo&Friends, and the functionality of Kuling, a collaboration made for children to discover and create their own memories in the wonderful nature outside.

Kuling x Garbo&Friends