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Q&A - Julia Stridh


Self-employed mother of two Julia Stridh is poised to return to working life after four years of pregnancies, babies and breastfeeding. It’s total chaos! Joking aside – this issue of Friends of Babyshop will strike a chord with all of us. Enjoy!

Hi Julia! How would you introduce yourself?

“I’m a fashion stylist and creative consultant who really loves the freelance life. I need variety and constant renewal in my life, so my role suits me down to the ground. I love that I get to control my own little world, decide everything myself and the tingle in my stomach before I start new projects. I’m a classic mother of two who, after about four years of pregnancies, babies and breastfeeding is trying to return [to my career]. I wonder what year it is on a daily basis, what my personal style is, and whether we should redecorate. Constant confusion. I’m looking forward to this being the year I make a real comeback!”

Ha-ha! That sounds familiar! Tell us about life as a mother of two, how’s it going?

“Better than expected, actually! Everyone warned me when I was pregnant with number two. “It’ll be twice as hard [as the first one]” etc., and maybe it was good that I was given so many warnings, so it hasn’t been a shock. Yet. I feel that everything has been very natural with number two and that twice as much love is worth all the effort. I love to watch them and see them get closer and closer as siblings. It’s so beautiful.”

How lovely. Are there any children’s brands that you like in particular?

“I’ve been very fond of Mixed Grill since I had my first daughter, Bennie. Great manufacturing quality. Wonderful materials for the little ones. Bennie has a pair of tights from there with papaya patterns that she loves because they are so soft and smooth. I love Stella McCartney and Mini Rodini. Bennie loves to mix and match. She always has her own ideas about how she wants to dress and likes patterns and colours. She changes several times a day. It’s such fun!”

Can you buy children’s clothes sustainably? What do you think?

“Absolutely! Many garments can be bought in large sizes or in models that last a long time, which means that they can be used over time. Materials are important because children’s clothes wear more. Our youngest, Gaia, inherits everything from Bennie of course. My friends and I usually borrow from and exchange clothes and baby stuff with each other. My mother knits nice wool clothes for the children that their cousins and siblings wear in waves. That feels sustainable.”

Which garments do you buy new for the children?

“Shoes. Shoes really wear out.”

And is there anything you would urge all new parents to invest in?

“Yes – to use nice, soft wool garments and blankets to keep baby warm in winter. And soft muslin blankets to wrap baby indoors. Personally, I don’t like materials like polyester or fleece for children. Wool and pure, soft materials are better.”

What inspires you?

“To travel. More than ever. After toddler years and the pandemic, I long for all the places that I have not had the chance to visit for a long time. New people and wise friends also inspire me.”

Do you have a life philosophy?

“To enjoy life. To make time for myself when I have the chance. Take a deep breath and really appreciate what I have and to feel the joy in that. ”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Interesting question. I haven’t thought about that for a long time. I’ll be 40 by then. Freelance and running my own business. Married to Dan, traveling and discovering new places with the children. We’ll have probably moved by then too, but where – we’ll have to see. We’re happy where we are now, but I feel that there’ll be a move in the next few years. God, how exciting!”

Thanks Julia! Lastly, is there anything you’d recommend for our readers?

“Well, to not throw yourself into the parenting and toddler life too much. What I mean is that it’s easy to lose and de-prioritize yourself completely for a few years. Have fun! Bring the kids. Travel, have dinner with friends and their children. Host playdates at home, eat at a restaurant, sleep over with friends. Hold onto your social life even though you’ve entered a new family constellation. It’s also important, of course, to have a babysitter and time without the children from time to time. Or just a girls’ night so that the rest of the family can relax and create their own little routines. It’s important to get out of the house from time to time!”

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