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Retro Calling

It’s time to look back, see the good in the world and share the love. So, we’re getting into a 70s groove and being inspired by the power of peace and love.

Isn’t there something extra nice and stylishly delicious about the 70s’ bubble fonts and uncompromising homage to being true to yourself? We never get tired of the 70s vibe, so with our Sweet 70th in mind, we’ve picked today’s top tips. Share the love!

Babyshop’s best of the 70s:
Crank up the 70s music, perhaps with tracks from the greats like Elton John, Donna Summer, or Neil Diamond; find some pens and paper and write your family name in the decades’ signature Barbapappa fonts. Google is your friend. Check out different fonts, create a cool sign for your children's room and have a lovely time doing it into the bargain!