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Talking Bobo - new AW21 collection by Bobo Choses

Talking Bobo is a way of being. Although most adults may not understand it, it is very natural for children. Living on the border between reality and imagination; swapping between logic and nonsense; accepting everyone as a friend whether big or small, colourful, shy or grumpy, real or invented; stretching and compressing time as they please.

Let’s talk Bobo. Enjoy!

Talking Bobo is a collection full of color. There are soft colors such as blue, pink and grey. Natural colors like beige, brown, khaki. Vivid colors like violet and curry. Dark colors such as navy blue, and anthracite, washed out as usual to soften them.

Our fun and bold prints include friendly characters, such as dogs, crazy birds, talking vegetables, scholar worms and smiley teacups.

There’s accessories for the whole family:
We have introduced new items such as pencil cases, belt pouches and bibs packs, in addition to our usual patches and pins packs.

Big bags, small bags, pouches, and backpacks are made of water repellent recycled fabric.


Colours, prints and shapes are adapted for the baby collection to better suit the little ones, making it a fun and easy-to-combine collection.


Organic cotton reaches 83% in this collection.

We’ve used sustainable materials such as Lyocell and Ecovero, reaching 6% of the

We’ve also used recycled fabrics in all our denim and outerwear garments, also in some accessories.

Most of our outer garments are coated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO.

All of our Polybags have d2w® biodegradable plastic additives> It accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product is no longer a plastic.

The trays are environmentally friendly as they are made from sustainably sourced FSC®
certified made in Sweden.