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Yes, Time is Here for Outerwear!

Warm and dry: these are our key watchwords as we plan the kids’ outdoor wardrobe for the autumn.

Parkas, coats, and windbreakers - maybe it’s time to stock up on one or more of these staple garments? We’re here to help! Check out these goodies and make sure you’re ready for autumn, whatever the weather!




Babyshop recommends:
Is there anything better than getting into the great outdoors, smelling the aroma of moss, hearing the quiet between the rustling of the trees, and chatting with your little ones about berries and mushrooms, animals, and nature. Do we need to mention the old saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”?! Prepare for a wonderful experience in nature. Why not do a woodland TikTok?!

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