Kuling is a children’s clothing brand designing and producing functional wear. All garments are created with a great portion of love and dedicated work from the team in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Kuling are firm believers in the good of playing and spending time outdoors, and have found the perfect balance between being fashionable and coping with the forever changing weather.

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Kuling offers a wide selection of functional clothing, accessories, and footwear. You’ll find rainwear, shellwear, wind fleeces, winter coveralls, wool clothing and swimwear, and UV-clothing. Additionally the assortment contains rain boots, waterproof sneakers, winter boots, hats, gloves, and neck warmers you can dress your kid in Kuling from tip to toe.

Sustainability is key for Kuling in several ways. Garments from Kuling are designed to be durable – the goal is for each garment to be worn by at least three kids. That’s why there’s extra space one the naming tags, to fit more than one name. So when your child has grown out of a Kuling garment, make sure it is passed on to another kid! In addition to the focus on durability, Kuling uses a lot of recycled materials, and is constantly working to find more sustainable materials and ways of working.

Kuling’s durable and affordable outerwear and footwear are thoughtfully designed for active kids who are always looking for the next adventure. The brands number one mission is to create clothes that keep kids in all corners of the world warm, dry and happy – whatever the weather.